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MCPE Addons for Minecraft has been created by Kayen Works. It is an assortment of the top and most unique add-ons that are available. It is constantly updated, tested and repackaged as and when required. What are Add-Ons? How do I use Add-Ons Why should I use MCPE Addons? to Install an Add-On What are Add-Ons? Minecraft's latest version comes with Add-Ons. These allow you to personalise your Minecraft experience. Add-ons can be used to make visual and gameplay adjustments. mc name For instance, you can get chickens to behave like a creeper (it will attack and explode! ). How do I use Add-Ons? Add-Ons can be downloaded from the internet or you can design your own. Installing new Add-Ons can be done in a matter of minutes and can be done using these steps. NAME MC Why Use MCPE Addons There are many Add-Ons available for Minecraft, Kayen Works has made a list of the top Add-Ons available. This app can transform your Minecraft experience and add depth to the game. One of the most appealing aspects about MCPE Add-ons is the constant updating. Updates to existing Add-Ons as well as new Add-Ons are published regularly.